Ski Trips

Ski Trips


Important Pricing Update

Due to the pandemic, increased cleaning and tracking protocols, as well as increased pricing at the mountains we are currently in ongoing negotiations with the mountains for group rates on your behalf. In the meantime, we will be adding trips as they become available, and will continue to provide a premium service at the best rate possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience the increased cost might cause.

We Can Now Accept Bookings Up to 2 Days before a trip for most mountains.
Still 7 Days for the following mountains, for now:

Stowe, Hunter, Okemo, Snow and Sunapee

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Please note Route changes!

Here are the bus pickup schedules for all Ski Trips (Schedules are subject to change, you will be notified if you have a ticket to a trip that is changed)

Route 1

Route 2

NEW: Route 3

*Buy with peace of mind – All sales are subject to credit due to cancellation or sickness up to 7 days before the trip. You will be provided a gift card to use as you would like for the full amount of purchase, should you, or someone in your party not be able to make it, or the trip is cancelled.

NEW: Drive yourself option is now available for all trips!

When buying a drive yourself only ticket you are responsible to arrive at the mountain at the same time or a little before the bus gets there, this is the only way you can get your lift tickets as our group leader will have them. Once you have your ticket you can enjoy your day of skiing on your own schedule.

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