About Us

About Us


How we got started

How we got started

After running our own Tour & Charter business and being in the industry for over 15 years, we have seen a lot. One thing we saw was how ski brokers were renting buses to provide transportation and lift ticket packages to customers, like you. We decided to improve this experience and offer our customers a more premier experience while still maintaing competivive pricing.

By owning the buses and removing the middle man (Brokers) we are able to pass on significant savings to our customers. This allows families to get back to the sport they love without breaking the bank, even when going multiple times during the season

Another thing that differentiates us is that we maintain our own equipment so that we can provide safe reliable transportation. We also have multiple buses going to the same mountain on the same day making delays minimal, and the chance of cancelations slim to none.

As a family owned company we are very proud to be able to offer a more premium service while keeping prices competitive for all those familes who love skiing and allow them to get back on the slopes.

A few things we’re great at

A few things we’re great at

BRS Ski & Tours will focus on the client and make sure they receive the best service possible. With our friendly and trained staff, you will be sure to have a great experience.


While other companies burden themselves with the use of a middlemen (ski and transportation brokers), here at BRS Ski & Tours, we have a model that allows all of these key features to be taken care of in-house. This then allows us to provide you with a far more premium experience while allowing prices to remain reasonable & competitive.


Our staff has over 15 year of experience working in the industry. Our services are not limited to charter and tours but also ski trips. if you are looking for reliable transportation services, experienced drivers and attentive personnel to take care of you, you found the right company.


We offer multiple pick up locations to make it as easy as possible for anyone to join us on a trip! As well having several mountain choices to choose from when planning your ride with us. We strive to make it convenient and exciting for our customers.

Enjoy the best

Enjoy the best comfort & ride all combined together

Our Motor Coaches are always shiny and clean, they have reclining seats, foot rest, arm rest, TV’s, DVD, Radio, CD, Bathroom and PA System. You will always have a professional and experienced driver behind the wheel so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.

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A non-profit corporation devoted to the interests of the business community in Bridgewater, MA and beyond. We are run by a dedicated group of volunteers, with numerous years of business experience.

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